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Great for one-person backpacking. First, some housekeeping. There are one or two minor thing which need adjustment from the "as supplied" condition which will make your life a lot easier before you take it out on a trip:. Sealing otherwise looks good.

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My Lanshan 2 is white, which isn't the most stealthy but unless you're really pushing your luck it's no biggie. I understand a green one is available called a Flame's Creed 2.

I have put this tent through some serious work over the last year, with numerous Peak District wild camps including a couple in wintera few trips to the Lake District, and a two-week Coast to Coast hike where I camped all bar two nights mostly in the wild.

Prior to hiking C2C I intentionally pushed this tent to its limits to ensure it was worth carrying across the country, and it did not disappoint me. More on that in the "duribility" bit later. No footprint is supplied with it but you can buy a silnylon footprint specifically for it which I use to help keep the muck off the inner tent and keeps things cleaner when packing away.

It's dead easy to attach to the bottom of the inner by threading the elastic chords for the inner through the loops on the corners of the footprint. As others have said, watching a few videos of people pitching it and having a go before you take it out is essential, but after the last year I could probably do it in my sleep haha.

lanshan 2 pro condensation

There are many ways to go about it, but I peg out all four corners and then insert the trekking poles, then adjust once it's up. Worth remembering that silnylon stretches a bit over time, so always worth tightening things up before bed.

I tend to put the inner tent inside it after pitching the fly because it was probably raining last time It could be used without the inner as a tarp, and I think you could probably set it up without the fly sheet if you want to stargaze in the summer, using the extra guys supplied with the tent.

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I've seen a few people who aren't keen on the big gap between the fly and the ground when the poles are set at the recommended cm. I'm not normally too bothered by this but definitely see it as a problem when the wind gets up. The good thing is that this is adjustable and down to you to decide what suits the conditions. One of my favourite things about this tent is its versatility.

I managed to break one of my trekking poles on the first day of my C2C hike. After a 10 minute paddy, and 5 minutes of fiddling with the broken stick, I managed to jam it back together and create a functional stick.

But out of interest, that night when pitching up in favourable conditions on Dent, I gave it a go with one pole, just in case it came to that with three days up in the fells ahead. Whilst I'm sure it would be pretty noisy if the wind got up, I could certainly put up a functional and weatherproof shelter only with one pole with some additional pegs I carried 14 in all.The links to Amazon on this page are affiliate links.

The Lanshan 2 is changing the way hikers look at lightweight gear. Traditionally, ultralight tents were made in Europe or the USA and cost an absolute fortune. However, the Lanshan 2 tent has entered the market on AliExpress and being manufactured in China, has completely moved the goalposts. This low price tag and its reliable reputation has drawn in long-distance hikers and weekend backpackers alike. I needed a cheap, high-quality, lightweight tent for trekking in South America.

So before committing to flying the Lanshan 2 across the Atlantic, I decided to test it out in the UK! Searching for my Lanshan 2 on AliExpress was more fun than expected.

It was sold under the 3F UL Gear branding. The review was written after months of testing, involving hundreds of miles of hiking and many nights under canvas.

It was not sent to 3F UL Gear prior to being published. None of our reviews are ever edited to keep a brand happy!

3F Gear Lanshan 2

The Lanshan 2 is a two-person, non-freestanding, double-wall tent, relying on two hiking poles rather than tent poles. By utilising hiking poles and being constructed of lightweight materials, the Lanshan 2 is incredibly light and durable for a tent in this price range. Sales and offers are only ever a few days away!

This single occupancy tent is smaller, lighter and only requires one trekking pole to erect but there is much less room inside. It has handled with 45mph winds, driving rain, epic storms and swelteringly hot nights. It was the overall size and weight that drew me to the Lanshan 2 as well as the price — obviously. At just over a kilogram for a two-person tent, this is one of the lightest, most packable, budget-friendly tents money can buy.

For solo campers, the Lanshan 2 provides ample space to sleep like a starfish and keep all your gear in with you. Made from a combination of thin 15D silnylon and slightly more robust 20D silnylon on the base, the Lanshan 2 is light and waterproof, although perhaps not the most durable of tents. Two hiking poles are used to give structure and shape to the pseudo-pyramid.

Once pitched, it has a door either side giving easy access for two campers! The tent is available in a range of colours but a word of advice, if you are planning on wild camping and need to keep a low profile, DO NOT pick the white option. I made this mistake and found the whole tent essentially glows in the dark!

The inner tent supplied with the Lanshan 2 is typically a three-season version, mainly consisting of bug netting. Peg out the four corners using the supplied cross-shaped pegs, before setting your trekking poles to cm.

3F UL Gear Lanshan 2 Tent Review

Insert your poles into the reinforced pad, located inside the top of the door, and peg the guy line out to keep the pole in place. Repeat this for both poles then adjust the corner pegs accordingly. The best options for making your own are Tyvek or Polycro if you can find it!The LanShan 2 is a 2-person trekking pole tent with a pyramid-style design that weighs 39 oz.

It is a double-wall tent with a separate rainfly that weighs It is constructed with PU-coated silnylon and requires two trekking poles and a minimum of 6 tent stakes to set up.

The rainfly and the inner tent floor are seam-taped but there are stitching holes on the rainfly that require a minor amount of seam sealing if you intend to use the tent in the rain.

The rainfly has two large side vestibules for gear storage. There are peak vents at the top of each vestibule that are backed by insect netting. When pitching the tent, you need to insert your trekking pole handles behind the peaks, where they are held in place with a webbing strap. The inner tent hangs underneath the rainfly with plastic hooks, so you can set the two up at the same time or separately, by hanging the inner tent inside the rainfly after setting it up.

The inner tent can also be used as a standalone insect shelter and for stargazing. The LanShan 2 is made with PU-coated silnylon and is seam-taped to make it waterproof. The side doors on the inner tent have two zippers each. A more flexible design would have been to use a rainbow door like those on the Zpacks Duplexso you can get out on either side of the vestibule. A single guyline, requiring one stake, is used to stake out the peak and the vestibule door.

There are plastic tensioners on the guyline to tension the two sections to get a taut pitch. This is fairly standard in other trekking pole tents as a weight-saving tactic. The corner guyouts on the rainfly are made with fairly-short webbing straps. The corner guylines on the inner tent do use linelocs and have elastic cordage. When pitching the tent, you can use one tent stake for each corner and attach both corner guylines to it. The inner tent is connected to the rainfly with plastic hooks.

When packing the tent, I like to keep the inner tent and the rainfly hooked together unless one is soaking wet from overnight rain. The bottom of the LanShan 2 rain fly does not reach to the ground but is curved like many other lightweight tents with catenary cut rain flies. While this reduces the amount of material required for the fly and lowers the weight of the tent, its main benefit is facilitating better airflow to help reduce internal condensation.This sub is about overnight backpacking with a focus on moving efficiently and packing light, generally aiming at a sub 10lb base weight.

Join us and ask yourself the question: Do I really need that? Trip Reports - View only trip reports. Gear Review - View only gear reviews. Shakedowns - View only pack shakedowns. Question - View only questions. Trails - View only trail related threads. Skills - View only skills.

Weekly Thread - View only the Weekly Discussion threads. Best Of The Sub - View only the "best of" threads. Since I was a kid I've been trekking with my father here in Italy on daily routes: I live in the north and there are many paths reachable in less than an hour from home.

Also, the Italian Alpine Club manages many lodges where you could eat or, if conditions become harsh, seek shelter. At the moment, due to the current Covid emergency they're all shut for the unforeseeable future. This means I am now in the process of choosing a tent for my next hikes and the Lanshan looked spot on for my needs.

I always use trekking poles and I'm a cheap student, so I can't spend too much on a tent I won't live in.

Lanshan 2 Tent Review – The Best Budget Lightweight Tent?

So, I'm here to ask: which one is better: Lanshan 2 or Lanshan 2 Pro? The pro is of course lighter, but is it worth it to have the single fabric version? Could it lead to heavier condensation?

Also, note I'm 5. In the end I settled for the regular version. I have been reading reports about the Lunar Duo which the Lanshan is a clone of and this one scared me a bit. Being it my first tent, I don't want it to be a soaky nightmare One thing to keep in mind is that if you're in an area with low bug pressure, you can leave the inner of the standard Lanshan behind.

Call me a spoiled kid, but I don't like bugs at all, so I'd probably end up always using the inner fabric I have the regular 1 and 1 pro and the pro has a couple things I like more. It seems to pitch better and the nylon used in the pro seems to hold its pitch better when when or under snow load.Hey folks.

Anyone familiar with the Z Pack Duplex will recognize the design of the Lanshan 2. Each to their own! The Lanshan 2 sometimes also known as the Mier Ultralight 2 is rated as a 3-season shelter.

The flysheet is made of 15D Nylon with a hydrostatic head rating of mm. The 20D Nylon groundsheet has an impressive mm hydrostatic head rating. The pegs are aluminum, and the Lanshan comes in a choice of 5 colors: white, yellow, black, red, and green.

The Lanshan has a fairly average pack size of 30 x 12 cm. Still, most people should be able to sit up comfortably in the middle of the tent. The Lanshan 2 weighs grams, without trekking poles — but you can usually pick poles up for next to nothing at no more than a few hundred grams. So, how does the Lanshan pitch? The short answer is easily, but with a bit of adjustment required. Next, insert one trekking pole into its specially reinforced shoulder pouch.

3F Lanshan 1 2 Pro - Bathtub Upgrade - Zpacks Duplex hack

Then peg out the line that leads from that pole to make sure it stays upright. Then you repeat the process for the other trekking pole on the other side. And fine-tuned pitch adjustment is certainly something the Lanshan offers. There are lots of buckles, guys, and loops that can be used to adjust the tension at various points. The Lanshan can also be used as an inner-only or outer-only pitch. So on a nice sunny day, you could ditch the flysheet entirely and just use the inner tent.

This would protect you from bugs, although not from rain. Or you could take just the fly and have a more al fresco camping experience. The Lanshan 2 is rated as a 2-man, but we all know what that usually means: 1-man plus gear storage. Does it hold true here? Well, yes and no. If you take the width of a Thermarest Z Lite or its very capable clone at 51 cm 56 for the clone you can just about squeeze two of these together in the cm width of the Lanshan.

Well, this tent offers a pretty generous amount of vestibule space.

lanshan 2 pro condensation

And with an entrance on each side, you and your buddy should each have space and access to store your packs easily. The vestibule space is basically why we can actually see the Lanshan being used as a true 2-man shelter. The closest analog to the Lanshan 2 is definitely the Z Pack Duplex. While the Duplex is a seriously impressive piece of kit grams!? The Lanshan seems to be aimed at those who love the design of the Duplex, but need a cheaper option. And grams plus poles is a very respectable weight for the Lanshan.

There are weight-saving opportunities with the Lanshal too. The 3F UL Gear Lanshan 2 has built up a great reputation in the ultralight community in the last few years. If you are always taking trekking poles out with you on overnight trips anyway, then the Lanshan 2 should definitely be on your gear list!

lanshan 2 pro condensation

I hope you enjoyed this review of the 3F UL Lanshan. Got any thoughts on this tent? Let us know in the comments! Bye for now!Custom media type: giant-sentry-fist-preview Announced: 2011-05-31 Update 1: 2016-04-04 Update 2: 2016-08-17 SCIM SCIM-enabled Identity Providers (IdPs) can automate provisioning of GitHub organization membership. Custom media type: cloud-9-preview Repository topics View a list of repository topics in calls that return repository results.

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